Why A Commercial Is Right For You

If you are looking to expand your business through a variety of platforms, and I mention commercials, what’s the first thing you would think about? Most likely, you think this form of advertisement is expensive, however, when you’re in search of new ways to expand your company and let customers know you mean business, what you should be thinking is, “what value does this bring to my business?”, and “what’s the long term return on my investment?”

Commercials are often considered “expensive,” because quite simply: they’re effective. You’ve heard the saying, “you gotta pay to play”, and in the advertising world, it’s the same rules. Those who are not afraid to spend a little more in their marketing budget on effective advertising, will attract the most attention and usually gain the most customers. A good commercial is effective because it’s visually appealing, gets the message across in a short amount of time (usually 30-60 secs), and reaches a mass amount of potential consumers.

Any company, big or small, can benefit from the results of video and television commercial advertising. Commercials are powerful because the targeted consumer is being appealed to through a combination of senses; sight and sound. Billboards, newspapers, magazines, and publications, are a few examples of advertising that utilize your sense of sight only. Radio utilizes your sense of sound. Although the examples listed can be effective depending on your marketing campaign, none can compete with television commercials.

The lasting effects of branding through visual means, may be just what your business needs to show your targeted audience who you are, what you stand for, and how your company provides solutions. Here at Tucson video production company Film Creations, we understand that need, and are experts in effectively communicating your company’s image to potential customers through memorable and thought provoking television advertisements.