What to Wear on Camera

Video has become an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses both large and small in every sector. If your company is planning a video in which you’ll have a starring role, you’ll need to spend some time preparing for it. One of the first steps is to choose what you’ll wear. It’s always a good idea to request advice from the experts at the video production company, as some colors and patterns aren’t recommended for on-camera appearances.


It’s very difficult to successfully wear patterns on video. Large patterns are distracting, while small patterns can have a dizzying effect on viewers. Even if your patterned wardrobe looks fantastic in real life, you’ll want to avoid it on camera. Instead, stick with solids. The exception is if you’re wearing a necktie, in which case you may choose a medium-size pattern. Stripes work best here. 


It can be very tricky to choose the right color for a video. You’ll want to find out about the background color in advance so you can choose a color that contrasts with it. In general, it’s best to avoid wearing something that features a lot of black or a lot of white. Videographers adjust the camera exposure to make the face look best, and this can have the effect of making a white top look like it’s glowing. A black top can lose all definition, making you look shapeless. Very bright red clothing can sometimes create a slight halo effect on camera. Additionally, green clothing can blend into a green screen and give you the appearance of a floating head. Consider choosing rich, warm colors like purple, teal, olive, cobalt, or a deep, dark red.


The type of fabric you select can also play a role in how you’ll look on camera. It’s best to avoid shiny fabrics. Stick to thick cottons and other matte fabrics, which will encourage a smoother profile.

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