What to Include in Your Company’s Videos

79167602Video content is an excellent way to promote your company, advertise special events, or even highlight important trends and breakthroughs in your industry. Company videos can be used internally for training and information purposes, or externally for promotion and customer connection. Understanding how to make your company’s videos work for you means developing a clear strategy when it comes to creating your video content.


Company Information

Online videos are a great way to introduce your company to your clients. You can use video content to tell your company’s story, from its founding to its present-day goals and values, to improve customer connection and brand loyalty. Videos are also an excellent way to highlight your staff and their achievements to cultivate the unique personality behind your company. When telling your company’s story, focus on your specific strengths and the traits that set your business apart; you should also aim to keep introductory videos to two minutes or less, stating the most important information early in the video.


Product Information

Video productions are also an excellent means to introduce and highlight your products or services. How-to videos can help customers get more from their purchases by showing your products’ special features, functions, and benefits in a matter of seconds, rather than through paragraphs of text. If you have new products in development or want to hear customer feedback, video posts are also a good way to gauge customer interest and encourage communication for better product development.


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