What Makes Users Want to Share a Video on Social Media?

An average Internet user watches about 1.5 hours of online video every day. This means that
video can be a powerful marketing tool for getting your message before the eyes of millions of
people. However, not all videos are created equal. Some of them are inherently more shareable
on social media than others. Here’s a quick look at how to make users want to share your videos
on social media.


The “Wow!” Factor
Videos with a wow factor are always more shareable than those without it. The wow factor is
hard to define, but it generally refers to any content that makes viewers think, “Wow!” For
example, consider those viral videos of athletes making insanely difficult basketball trick shots,
such as shooting a basket while doing a backwards flip on a trampoline. That’s the kind of catchy
content that makes people want to share it with their friends. With a little clever marketing, you
can put that wow factor to work for your business’ videos.


The Cuteness Factor
If there’s one thing Internet users will never get enough of, it’s videos of cute animals doing cute
things. People frequently share videos on social media of momma otters cuddling their little
ones, dogs making funny faces, and cats knocking things off tables. And, fortunately for
marketers, it’s incredibly easy to work cute animals into virtually any type of commercial. Cute
animals have been used to sell everything from mattresses to cars to home surveillance cameras.


The Helpfulness Factor
How-to videos are also highly shareable on social media, especially when they demonstrate how
to do something unusual (like how to grow an avocado plant using toothpicks) or how to use
everyday objects in clever new ways (like how to use a makeup brush to clean computer keys).
Think of a helpful how-to video that pertains to your business. For example, if you own a
hardware store, you might put together a video demonstrating how to build a vertical kitchen


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