What Makes a Memorable Commercial?

Commercials put your product or service in its best possible light. Whether you’re planning a half-hour infomercial or a 15-second radio spot, there are several things you need to keep in mind in order to design an effective commercial campaign.


Imagery, and Music

The best commercials have strong imagery and music. Dogs with soulful eyes, while the music of a famous folk singer plays at Christmastime work every year for the ASPCA. Strong graphic images of kids dancing in silhouette with hip-hop music worked wonders for Apple. Imagery and music can make a positive impression in seconds that lasts for years.



Acting and voice talent don’t have to be famous to be effective. An insurance company used an unknown actress for its series of commercials. Progressive’s “Flo” is now one of the most recognizable brand ambassadors in the world. Unknown voice talent with animation works time and time again for pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, James Earl Jones’ voice is still used for CNN’s commercials. The famous actor branded an entire network with only three words, delivered with authority in a deep, rich voice.


Catchy Tagline

Capture your brand essence in one sentence, even a short phrase, and you’re on the way to success. “Like a good neighbor,” “I’m lovin’ it,” “What’s in your wallet?” and “Just do it” instantly evoke a company name, product and image. Coming up with a catchy tagline that will cross multiple media platforms (print, television, radio, social media) is harder than it might seem, and is often the most difficult part of creating an effective commercial campaign.


Film Creations

Come talk to us about your dream commercial. Tucson video production company Film Creations is a full service agency with broad experience in multiple media platforms. We’ll take the time to learn your brand, your products and your target market. Let us help you find the best way to showcase your company and get the best value for your advertising budget!