What Makes a Commercial Effective?

Television is a standard part of most households in America, and is often the focal point of a living room. While people might be tuning in to see news, sports, or their favorite shows, there is a great deal of time when commercials take over the airwaves. In order to get your brand or product noticed, you need to create an effective commercial that uses quality video production techniques. Your commercial should grab the viewer’s attention and be memorable after the television is turned off. Keep reading to learn about what makes a commercial effective.

Clear Goals

It’s much easier to create an effective commercial when you and your company have clear goals in mind. You may want to drive traffic to your website, get more customers to call you, or increase your following on social media. Regardless of what you want your commercial to do, you should communicate your intentions to your video production company. It’s helpful to have measurable goals, as that makes it easier to tell if your commercial was a success. Your goals will also help determine when the commercial should air, and on what channels.

Clear Sound

You could have a new product or service that everyone in the country will want, but your commercial won’t be effective if no one can hear what is happening. The audio in your commercial should be crisp and clear, and the speakers should enunciate properly. The last thing you want is a great commercial that ends up being ignored because it has poor sound quality.

Clear Call to Action

As your commercial ends, the viewer should be able to tell what they should do next to find out more about your brand. This can include encouraging the viewer to visit your store in person, to take a test drive of a new car, or to check out your website for more information. A direct call to action helps give the viewer the impetus to learn more about your business.

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