What Do Viral Videos Have in Common?

Viral videos are online video productions that spread rapidly through social media sharing. These videos can become highly-effective marketing tools virtually overnight, based on their visibility and popularity. Understanding the common traits that viral videos share can help you turn your next web video into a viral success.


Broad Appeal

While many marketing campaigns and accompanying videos are designed to target a specific audience, viral video ads are so successful because they hold universal appeal. These videos contain content or messages that are easy to understand, universally-accepted, and engaging for the vast majority of viewers, regardless of age, background, or other preferences.



The ideal length for a viral video should be three minutes or less. Keeping your video brief encourages viewers to watch it through to the end, while a video that is too long, even if it is engaging, will lose viewers as the content continues. Viral videos are often so successful because they are fast and easy to watch, prompting viewers to take in the entire message and encouraging them to share it.



Another factor that frequently links viral videos is their timely content. Viral videos typically highlight current trends, ideas, or events, making them extremely relevant to all viewers and increasing the likelihood that they will be shared. While this characteristic may mean that your viral video won’t stand the test of time, its efficacy in the short term will more than make up for this fact by attaining high visibility and exposure while the video is relevant.

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