What Colors Should Be in Your Next Marketing Video?

There are many factors to consider when shooting a marketing video, and some are more obvious than others. One factor that some people tend to forget about when filming is the colors that are included. Color can make a huge difference, so keep reading and think about what colors should be in your next marketing video.


How do you want your customers to feel?

The right color combinations can go a long way when it comes to instilling certain feelings in an audience. Color psychology studies the effects that different colors have on people, and understanding these effects can be a phenomenal marketing tool. Colors can make people feel excited, empowered, or focused, but they can also make people tired or sad. Think about the product or service that you’re marketing, and then choose a color scheme that will gear your viewers towards your business.


What are your brand colors?

It should be clear that your video represents your company, so use colors that people associate with your brand. If you’re still working on your brand image, think about the connections that people make between colors and certain industries. If your brand sells water, then you’ll probably have some blue hues in your brand image and your marketing video.


What is the nature of your video?

You always want to make sure that the colors you use are appropriate in the context of your video. If you’re making a video to advertise for your funeral service, you shouldn’t use bright, vibrant colors that might confuse the message and make your viewers uncomfortable. On the other hand, you can use plenty of color when marketing a more upbeat service like a children’s birthday party venue.


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