What Are the Important Features of a Viral Marketing Campaign?

ThinkstockPhotos-450014967Whether you own a small business or you work for a larger corporation, it takes a lot of hard work to be a success. In addition to having a solid team of employees working towards a common goal, you need to have a product or service that consumers want or need. Even the most innovative product could go unnoticed without the proper marketing efforts behind it. When you have a marketing campaign that you want to go viral, you’ll need a number of different elements including professional video production in Tucson. Keep reading to learn more about important features of a viral marketing campaign.


Emotional Responses

When videos, articles, and other media go viral, it is frequently because they resonate with the consumer on an emotional level. Someone who watches a video that invokes a strong emotion may be more likely to share it with their friends so that they, too, will have an emotional response. Surprise, curiosity, and amazement are among the top emotions that drive viral marketing campaigns, so be sure to consider how you can elicit such responses from your project.


Data Visualizations

Statistics are powerful tools to use in a viral marketing campaign. When they are presented in visual forms, they are easier for consumers to digest, and make excellent talking points for those analyzing or introducing your work. Qualitative data is important as well, but may not make as much of an immediate visual impact. You can save that information for a landing page where consumers can go to find out more in-depth about your campaign.


Emerging Trends

Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge, no matter what the topic or industry is. Capitalize on this by making consumers and publishers feel that they are getting in on the ground floor of the “next big thing,” and make your campaign content as timely as possible.


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