What Are the Benefits of Choosing Animated Videos?

It’s no longer necessary to purchase TV air time to get your promotional video before the eyes of thousands of potential customers. You can put online platforms to work for your business. All you need is high-quality videos, including animated videos. Video production companies can use advanced digital technology to create custom animated videos that support your brand’s message.

Animated videos make complex topics simple.

Explainer videos are increasingly popular these days, and animation is the perfect medium for them. With animation, you can turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand information without running the risk of seeming to talk down to your audience. You can use a wide range of animated tools to explain complex ideas, including animated characters that represent your potential customers.

Animated videos encourage brand-customer engagement.

Speaking of using animated characters to represent your customers, these videos are a great way to engage your audience. As an alternative to having a live person talking in front of a video camera, using animated characters allows your audience to readily picture themselves in the characters’ shoes. It’s an inclusive way to help your customers relate to your brand.

Animated videos allow for greater use of brand-associated colors.

The use of too many colors in a live video can be distracting. But in an animated video, it’s engaging. Animated videos allow for greater flexibility in color usage, which gives you free rein to use this highly visual element to tell your brand story.

Animated videos are forgiving of short attention spans.

It’s no secret that online audiences have relatively short attention spans. They’re more likely to read just the first paragraph of a news article than the entire thing. Many won’t look past the headline. You only have a few crucial seconds to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to keep watching, and animated videos can help you accomplish this.


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