Ways to Make Your Commercial Stand Out

A TV commercial is the perfect way to get your brand recognized in your market and to reach a wider audience. However, commercials can easily turn into background noise if they aren’t carefully crafted. Working with an experienced production team will help you get the most from your commercial. This advice will also help you ensure that your commercial stands out from the crowd and draws attention to your business from the right customer base.

Tell a Story with Your Commercial

An effective strategy for making commercials that resonate with people is to have your advertising tell a story. You don’t have a lot of time in your commercial, so opt for a story that is brief, easy to understand, and on message for your brand. Your story doesn’t have to have a lot of characters and a big plot line—simply take your viewers on a short journey to let them appreciate the message. Your video production company can shoot your commercial in movie style, so that it stands out from the other advertising.

Keep the Message Simple

TV commercials are usually in the 30-second range, so you’ve got a short amount of time to make an impact. Resist the urge to try to cram everything about your business into that one spot. Pick one message that your want to get across, such as a great promotion or new product line, rather than diluting the impact of everything by overfilling your commercial with information.

Stay within Your Budget

Your video production team can explain what kinds of resources are available for your commercial according to the budget you have. Use the money you have wisely to invest in a commercial that looks professional, instead of trying to pay for a few seconds of an effect you can’t afford to use correctly.


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