Using YouTube for Brand Awareness? Here’s How Often to Post New Content

YouTube is an excellent platform for businesses and other organizations who are trying to connect to a wider audience. A video production company can help you showcase flawless YouTube videos that promote brand awareness and build a loyal customer base. Although the quality of the videos is perhaps the most important factor, there are other considerations, such as how frequently you post new content.

Developing a Reasonable Schedule

When developing an editorial calendar for your videos, the most important factor is consistency. If you post every day for a week, but not at all for the following month, then you won’t build up a loyal fan base. Any subscribers you might have initially obtained will later forget about you. You’ll need to upload new videos on a consistent basis to keep your audience hooked. There’s no “one size fits all” solution. Develop a schedule that’s reasonable for you. If you don’t think you can manage to post a video every week, then you can do one every two weeks.

Making Your Schedule Public

Once you’ve finalized your schedule, you should make it public. This offers two benefits. First, if you tell your subscribers that you’ll upload a new video every Monday at noon your subscribers will get into the habit of checking your channel at that time. Second, making your schedule public gives you a healthy dose of peer pressure to stick to your schedule.

Creating a Stockpile of Videos

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. Just in case you’re having trouble meeting your schedule on any given week, it’s helpful to have a few videos kept in reserve. You can use them to fill in the gap, just in case you can’t create a brand new video in time.

Whether you’re posting once per month or on a daily basis, Film Creations, Ltd. can help you fulfill your editorial calendar. We deliver high-quality videos using the latest digital technologies to capture an audience’s attention and build better brand awareness. You can call our video production company in Tucson at (520) 624-4444.