How to Use Animation in a Commercial

When you hire a video production company to help you create a commercial for your business, you may want to ask about animation services. An animated commercial will engage your target audience, while also allowing you to create a fun and beautiful message about your brand. As you are gearing up to create a new animation, you will want to keep several tips and tricks in mind. Here is a look at how to use animation in your company’s next commercial.

Create A Story Board

The first step of using animation in a commercial is to create a story board for your design. Animators rely on story boards as they are creating all of the images that are used throughout the animation. Your story board will include images and characters that relate to the overall message of your commercial.

Consider Character Creation

Animation will allow you to get creative with the plot and theme of your animation. In order to make your animation as engaging as possible, you may want to consider creating a character that stars in your short animated film. Your character could be a mascot for your brand, or could represent the audience that you intend to target.

Use Timeless Design Cues

An animation will require considerable time and effort to create. To achieve the best payoff from your animation, it is a terrific idea to use design cues, themes, and colors that will stand up to the test of time. With a timeless animation, you can make sure that your audience will relate to your animated commercial for years to come.

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