Types of TV Commercials

Television commercials are still valuable advertising tools that can draw a lot of attention toward your company. Keep reading to learn about the different types of television commercials so you can find the best one for your needs.

The Comparison Commercial

Some businesses choose to produce comparison commercials that show how their products and services differ from other companies in the same industry. Instead of trying to show a consumer why they need a certain product, these commercials are aimed to let someone know that this company’s product is better than all the rest.

The Need Commercial

Other commercials focus more on showing consumers why they need a particular product. The commercial sets up a specific need and finds a solution for the problem by offering a certain product or service. Sometimes these commercials use symbolism to show consumers how a specific product can help to fix this need.

The Demonstration Commercial

Certain companies, like those that manufacture cleaning products, really benefit from the demonstration commercials. These advertisements show a detailed before and after to give the consumers a better idea of exactly how a product works.

The Benefit Commercial

Some commercials are designed to show consumers how a certain product could benefit their lives. A perfume company might produce a commercial where a female actress suddenly gets a date after switching up her scent, for example.

Some commercials aim to use a famous face as the foundation. Whether a company gets a celebrity or comes up with a clever commercial that makes its star more famous, these types of commercials tend to have good results.The Character and Celebrity Commercial

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