Tips for Working with a Green Screen

When you hire a film production company to work on your corporate video, a green screen may be part of the process. Green screens make it much easier for the background behind the person on camera to be separated from the person so that things can be superimposed on it during a post-production process called chroma keying. The background has to be in a color that is cannot blend into a person’s skin color. Green is the common choice, though blue screens are also used for certain types of shots. If you’ve ever watched a TV weather report, then you know what a green screen looks like in action. If your film production company recommends using a green screen in your shoot, these tips will with the process.

Don’t Wear Green

This might sound like an obvious consideration, but you shouldn’t wear any green at all if you will be working in front of a green screen. If you are wearing green, any background that the production team adds during editing will not only appear on the screen but will also show up on your clothing as well.

Stand Clear of the Green Screen

If you’ve ever seen someone standing in front of backdrop, and it looks like their outline is fuzzy or that they’ve been pasted on the screen, there is a good chance that they were standing too close to a green screen. Your video production team will show you where to stand. Make sure to keep that distance from the screen, even if you are moving around in a shot. Ideally, you should never be closer than six feet from the screen. However, don’t be afraid to move around just because you’re using a green screen. Unless you’re doing a stationary, sitting shot, then moving will make the final result look more natural.

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