Tips for Pitching Your Business to the Media

If you want to spread the word about your business in your community, you have to get the local media on your side. Each day, journalists are inundated with emails and pitches from area businesses about their companies. If you want to stand out from the crowd, use the following tips to ensure that your pitch makes an impact.

Send Your Pitch Out Early

The media might not have enough time to do a story on your business if you send out a press release at the last minute. Try to give a journalist enough time to research and write a story so you can get the publicity you need for your company.

Make It Personal

The trick to getting someone to pay attention to your company is to show why you are different. Whether you send out a unique video pitch or list some of the services you provide that other companies do not, you have to show how you are different from everyone else.

Tell It to Them Straight

Instead of filling a press release with a lot of flowery language, you should just list the facts about your company or your product. Media outlets are interested in telling who, what, when, where, and why. If you can provide that information with as few words as possible, you have a better chance of making a successful pitch.

Spread the Word

If the media does pick up your story, you should do what you can to share the article as much as possible. The more people who read it, the better chance you have of enticing new customers to come to your business.

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