Tips for Making Your Videos Rank High on YouTube

The goal of almost every video marketer is to get their videos to rank high on YouTube. There are some effective strategies for this, but first, it’s helpful to understand exactly why some videos rank higher than others. It all boils down to the number of clicks and the number of seconds. In other words—how many people watch that video and for how long do they watch it? It’s not enough to get a video before a lot of eyes, although that’s part of the equation. The more important half of the formula is how long viewers continue watching. So, if video A gets 1,000 viewers who watch for an average of five seconds each, but video B gets 500 viewers who watch for an average of 20 seconds each, video B will rank higher.

Focus on quality, engaging content.

The highest-ranking videos are the ones that instantly hook a viewer’s attention and keep it hooked through to the end. As you plan your video, think about what you want it to say. Then, think about how to say that in the most interesting way possible. If you were a viewer, what images and words would capture your attention?

Use the right keywords.

Research the keywords that are most relevant to your video. If you were a viewer, what would you type into a search tool to find a video you’re looking for? You’ll need to use the top keywords in your video title, description, and tags. You should also use the keyword in the file name, rather than choosing a generic file name.

Give viewers a reason to keep watching.

Most viewers decide within the first five to 10 seconds whether they’ll continue watching. Give them a reason to stick around. You might tell them what they’ll get out of watching or give them some compelling information right off the bat.

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