Tips for Creating a Workplace Training Video

Workplace training videos give you an easy way to streamline the way you teach new employees how to do their jobs. Use the following tips to create a quality video that is easy to follow so your entire staff learns the same skills.

Include Information About the Company

Employees are more motivated to do well when they know about the company for which they work. In your training video, you should include information about your company’s vision and desired message. When your new employees can immediately make a connection with your business, it helps them take the job more seriously.

Encourage Your Staff to Try

Some workplace training videos end up intimidating new staff members about the difficulty of a certain job. Your video should encourage your workers to try and help them overcome their fear of failure. When they make an effort, it can increase the productivity of your business.

Practice Before Production

If you want to get your training video done in as few takes as possible, it is important to take the time to practice what you are going to say before the camera starts filming. Keep track of the amount of time it takes for you to get through the script and try not to go over that time when you start filming.

Cover a Wide Spectrum as Efficiently as Possible

There are many elements of your business that a worker needs to understand if they are going to do a job well. Although you cannot cover every single aspect of the job in one short training video, you should make an effort to touch on a wide range of topics to ensure that every employee is prepared for the job.

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