The Power of Video Marketing

Think of the billions of dollars spent over the years on television advertising. TV Commercials have been and still are king when it comes to marketing budget dollars spent. The very same reasons that television commercials work so well apply to internet video marketing. Seeing a human being makes a great deal of difference. Even if we know they are paid to say something and it is completely scripted, it allows for a more realistic connection. Humans are social beings and therefore, having the ability to see and hear someone else talk persuasively makes a huge impact.


But today, video marketing through the internet (while gaining rapid popularity) is still much less expensive than buying air time to show a television commercial. In fact, young Americans ages 13-24 now reportedly spend more time on the internet than they do watching television at a reported 16.7 hours per week. Those looking to target young adults may want to look into the possibility of a video marketing campaign that is internet based.


Companies such as Film Creations are able to offer clients script-to-screen internet video complete with 3D animation and expert, top notch editing. Professionals such as the ones at Tucson video production company Film Creations fully understand how to maximize the internet for its full potential as a new marketing space. Social networking has even begun successfully infusing video as part or even all of their platform. (Just look at what Vine is doing to the internet these days.)


While more and more companies, services and products are jumping on the internet video marketing bandwagon, there are more marketing professionals offering high quality services for brand and product promotion. The share feature associated with just about any social media platform means that a properly presented message can be seen by millions with a much smaller budget. This viral approach to marketing has truly revolutionized the way the advertising and marketing world operates.


Tucson video production company Film Creations has everything you need to make the next great commercial for your business. Talk to them today!