Shooting a Video for Your Small Business

450649093In a world where marketing relies so heavily on SEO and online brand recognition, custom videos can be a valuable tool for any small business. Whether you are shooting a commercial, training video, or informational customer-facing content, there are a few tips to keep in mind for creating successful media. Here’s a look at the key points to remember as you shoot a video for your small business.


Rely on professional equipment

Working with a video production company is often the best strategy for small business videos, because there are some essentials for equipment that might otherwise have a hefty initial investment. The right camera and the right lighting will be integral to producing a high quality video that will reflect your statement and brand vision.


Have an attention-grabbing hook

Regardless of the type of video you produce, you will want to make sure that it captures the attention of the audience. If there is not a clear hook for your video, you might consider whether a multimedia format is necessary for the given subject matter.


Establish a clear vision

While it is important to have a catchy sense of humor or soundtrack to keep your audience’s attention, it is also essential not to lose sight of the purpose of your video. Each video your business makes should have a clear mission statement and topic so that it is worth the resources to produce.


Set realistic expectations

Small businesses will make the mistake of trying to create viral videos rather than promotional videos, and this can be a dangerous trap. When you invest more in how many clicks a video gets rather than how it will land with potential clients, you might not see a solid return with your business.

When you work with Film Creations in Tucson, you can shoot great videos for your business with your goals at the forefront of each production. To see some of our past work, browse our website, or contact us directly at (520) 624-4444.