Separating Myth and Fact in Video Animation

Animation can be a very powerful component in your next business video. When you use video animation tools, you can add special effects, unique characters, and other attention-grabbing elements to your film. If you have never tried your hand at animation, be sure to hire a video production company for assistance. To get you started on your animation journey, let’s debunk some common myths about video animation.


Myth: Animation Requires Advanced Drawing Skills

Many businesses and filmmakers steer clear of animation, because they worry that they lack the artistic talent to make a stunning animation. Today’s digital animation technologies make it easy to create videos, without the need to draw each frame. Using 3D animation tools, you can animate your character or figures with your computer mouse. Some animators compare this process to being a puppeteer.


Myth: Animation Is Only for Younger Audiences

If you loved to watch cartoons as a kid, you may think that animated films are only for younger audiences. However, the power of animated storytelling can capture the attention of viewers of all ages. Using animation, you can make sure that your advertisement or business video appeals to a wide demographic of potential customers. For companies that want to target older consumers, animation is still a viable option.


Fact: Computers Make Animation Extremely Easy

While computers have streamlined the animation process, making an animation still requires hours of concentration. After an entire day of animation, an animator may only have about six seconds of footage. To expedite your animation and get your final product faster, be sure to work with a team of film production professionals.  

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