See How YouTube Counts Views and How Your Video Views Can Soar

People often judge the value of a video based on how many times it has been viewed before, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to spread awareness about your brand. You need to know how YouTube looks at each view and what it means to make the kinds of videos that get traction. Continue reading and see how YouTube counts views and what you can do to get more.

Objectively Defining a View

According to YouTube, a view occurs when someone purposefully plays a video out of his or her own free will. This means no auto playing, spamming, or playing back.

Avoiding Manipulation

People are getting quite good at manipulating algorithms on the Internet, but Internet-based companies are also getting good at detecting this manipulation. YouTube starts to pay more attention to videos after they’ve reached 300 views. This is because many people use their technological savvy to inflate their views, which can trick the public into thinking their video is more reputable than it is. That’s why YouTube freezes each video after 300 plays and does some research to make sure the views are legitimate.

Making Quality Videos

The only way to get your video to succeed is to create one that is truly worth watching. You’d be hard pressed to convince someone to watch a video that you don’t even want to watch yourself, so think about what you want your video to say to your viewers. Even though posting on YouTube is free, content that isn’t worthwhile can end up holding your business back rather than launching it forward. Think about the technical quality of the video as well as the importance of the content before you post it to your page.


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