Remembering Tucson’s Most Successful Local Commercials

A commercial or online video is an effective way to introduce the local community to your business. You can advertise a new line of products or services, or simply build brand recognition. When you’re looking for inspiration for your next video, take a look at these classic commercials that aired in the Tucson area.


I’m in a Pickle

If you’re a Tucson local, you’ve undoubtedly seen Premier Auto Center commercials featuring Scott Lehman. The “I’m in a Pickle” commercial featured Lehman wearing a giant pickle costume and informing viewers that his doctor told him to calm down so his heart won’t explode. Lehman then proceeds to tell his viewers that the only way for him to calm down is by putting his viewers in a new car with his Nickel Pickle Sale. The sale advertised a 5-cent down payment.


Gordo’s Mexicateria

Sometimes, all you really need for a catchy commercial is an unforgettable catchphrase. Gordo’s Mexicateria was a staple on Broadway for many years. Tucsonans may remember the owner, Diego A. Valenzuela, for saying, “Do you like chimichangas? I mean, do you r-r-r-really like chimichangas?” Unfortunately, Valenzuela passed away, but his catchphrase lives on.


Jack Furrier’s Western Tire Centers

A clever marketer will recognize the stereotypes associated with an industry and use them to the company’s advantage. In the case of auto parts and services, there’s a widespread belief that consumers are subjected to hidden fees and unnecessary add-ons. Jack Furrier’s commercials used this to the company’s advantage by airing commercials that didn’t actually advertise sales prices, unlike many commercials. Instead, it listed all the free services and parts their customers receive. And unlike temporary sales, their free offers never expired.


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