Remembering the Best Commercials of 2016

There are many commercials that have left their mark on pop culture. Just as there are decades of memorable taglines, upbeat jingles, and funny mascots, there were a few commercials that made their mark on 2016. Let’s remember a few of the best commercials of 2016.


Peyton Manning for Nationwide

Many know the jingle that accompanies Nationwide’s tagline, and so does NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. This commercial features Manning singing different words to the iconic jingle as he goes throughout his day.


Willem Dafoe for Snickers

Snickers has a memorable line of commercials featuring the tagline “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” For the 2016 Super Bowl, Snickers enlisted actor Willem Dafoe to portray the late Marilyn Monroe in her famous sewer grate scene. This commercial is funny and memorable because of its unlikely portrayal of a cranky Marilyn Monroe by Willem Dafoe.


Dachshunds for Heinz

Heinz is best known for its condiments, though it also sells dressings, soups, and so much more. For 2016, Heinz featured a cute commercial of dachshund puppies, dressed as hot dogs, stampeding toward humans dressed in different Heinz condiment costumes. In the end, the puppies land in the humans’ arms, which creates the perfect mix of hot dogs and condiments.


Tarzan and Jane for Geico

One of the most memorable commercials goes to the commercial pros—Geico. This insurance company has delivered dozens of commercials and mascots over the years, and they delivered in 2016. With their popular “It’s What You Do” commercial series, they featured the jungle couple, Tarzan and Jane, fighting over directions.

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