Here’s a compilation of the various Tucson video projects we’ve worked on recently, from corporate videos to commercials and training videos, all produced by the award-winning Arizona video production Film Creations team.

Dream Jobs Web Series

Film Creations recently produced a new web series entitled “Dream Jobs.” This fun, entertaining and informative series was shot in San Francisco and incorporates a wide array of on-location production elements, as well as a multitude of editing techniques. 

  • After Effects
  • Time-Lapse
  • Final Cut Pro

Arizona Oncology

For this spot we utilized our jib and hot-head for the fluid moves, as well as 2-D animation for the logo treatment at the end of the spot. This was shot in an actual Cancer Treatment Center so we had to move quickly on-location and only had a few days in post before it aired

  • 2-D Logo Animation
  • On Location Videography/Camera Crane


When we produced this spot for Anchor Wave Internet Solutions we thought utilizing kinetic typography would help to create an engaging, entertaining spot. Plus it’s just down-right fun to edit in this style!

  • Motion Graphics/Typography
  • Adobe After Effects

GG&G Tactical Rifle Accessories

In keeping with GG&G’s “urban warfare” look and theme, we created a graphic intensive piece designed to highlight the quality of the client’s product line. Created entirely in Adobe After Effects, we were tasked with creating movement inside an incredibly detailed 3-D world.

  • 3-D Animation
  • Royalty-Free Music