Quick Tips for Effective CTAs in Video Marketing

In written copy such as business blog posts, copywriters often incorporate a call to action (CTA). The CTA typically reinforces the brand image by restating the company’s name, slogan, and mission. It also encourages readers to take some sort of action, such as to call the office for an appointment, sign up for an e-newsletter, or click on a link to find out more about a product or service. Although CTAs are practically omnipresent in written marketing copy, they’re often under-utilized in video marketing. Here are a few easy ways you can effectively incorporate a CTA into your next promotional video.


Place your CTA at the beginning.

It’s customary to save the CTA for the end of written copy. However, if you wait that long in video marketing, most of your viewers might not even notice it. Videos tend to have a high bounce rate, which refers to the percentage of viewers who click away after watching just part of the video. The longer the video is, the higher the bounce rate tends to be. If your video is longer than one minute, it may be best to put the CTA at the beginning. You can incorporate it directly into the script or put a simple CTA in text on the screen.


Create a sense of urgency.

Regardless of whether the CTA is at the beginning or end of your video, you can improve your click-through rate by creating a sense of urgency throughout the script. If your organization is a charity, let your viewers know how important it is to donate or volunteer now. Statistics are helpful. Consider the following fictitious example: “Every hour of every day, 283 sharks are slaughtered for shark fin soup. Donate just $13 in the next hour to help stop the slaughter.”


Make your CTA easy to follow up on.

Even if you successfully create a sense of urgency in your viewers, they might not take action if it’s too difficult. Make your video clickable with a link that leads directly to a donation page or e-newsletter signup page, rather than the homepage of your organization. 

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