Pros and Cons of Using Professional Actors vs. Employees

When you’re filming a corporate video or commercial, you have a choice to make about who appears in the video. There are pros and cons of both using professional actors and of letting your employees take the starring role, so which one is right for your business? Here is a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, so you can make the right decision for your business.


The best thing about using your employees in your video is that they know your business inside and out, so they bring an authenticity that actors won’t be able to match. Depending on their roles at your business, some of your employees may actually be recognized by customers, which will give your video even more credibility. Your employees are also best suited to tell the story of your business, since they are living and breathing it every day.=

An obvious downside to using your employees is that they are unlikely to have any professional experience in this capacity, so they may be nervous in front of the camera. Employees often have skewed idea of the time and commitment for creating a video, and they may inadvertently make the process take longer by making mistakes during the filming. This could cause costs to increase.


Actors are ready for prime time, so they will be able to come in and execute your video faster than people without experience. When you decide to hire actors, you’ll have a bigger pool of people from which to choose, so you can ensure your commercial reflects the diversity you want.

However, actors don’t have intimate knowledge of your business, and they may struggle to deliver specialized terminology naturally. They may also fail to convey the authenticity that employees can. Although actors can help you conserve shooting time, they also add expenses to your budget.

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