Online Marketing Trends to Look for In 2014

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift toward inbound marketing techniques, which includes blogs, social media sites, and SEO. Businesses of all sizes have focused their online marketing efforts toward creating original content instead of imbedding traditional advertisements in external content. While the shift toward inbound marketing characterizes the overall online marketing atmosphere, there are specific trends that will dominate over the next year. 

Content marketing will continue to grow

Companies use content marketing to establish authority and gain trust with their consumers. In particular, businesses of all sizes have focused on providing customers with relevant industry information that is either entertaining or insightful to the target audience. Content marketing gives a business a channel for gradually building a relationship with its demographic, which helps create a loyal following. Content marketing strategies include social media posts, articles, newsletters, and informative videos.

Social media marketing will require diversity

Applicable social media networks to a business used to be limited to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today, new social media sites are constantly appearing. In particular, Tumblr and Instagram have quickly amassed popularity, providing businesses with new avenues to engage their customers. Using a variety of social media sites, businesses can produce marketing content in different media forms and grow their audiences across a number of social media channels.

Images will continue to dominate

Today’s consumer is routinely exposed to a variety of advertisements each day. This means that advertisements need to be easier to understand and digest. Social media sites that are on the rise share a common characteristic—they utilize image-based content. Even though traditional text-based articles won’t completely disappear from the marketing world, it’s becoming more beneficial to break up the text with informative pictures or videos.

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