Online Marketing Trends to Incorporate In Your 2014 Business Strategy

Online marketing is a valuable tool that can help you expand your business opportunities in 2014. Taking advantage of the latest trends will ensure that your business remains up to date in today’s fast-paced technological environment. Keep reading to learn some of the latest online marketing trends and how Film Creations can help you use them.

Visual Marketing

The Internet is an increasingly visual place, utilizing images, graphs, and videos to garner attention. In an age when simple text is no longer sufficient to catch the eye, using visual content as part of your web marketing campaign is a great way to spread your business’ message. Visual marketing is comprised of made-for-the-web commercials and other online video content that promotes your business. Such online video content is quickly becoming a mainstream standard, allowing you to pass along your business message to a large audience in an efficient and engaging way. Videos can be hosted on your site or elsewhere to reach both current and new potential clients.

Snippet Storytelling

Snippet storytelling is a great way to capture an audience’s attention in a short period of time. In today’s marketing world, short and sweet is the key—longer content can often bore or even deter potential new clients. The concept of snippet storytelling uses short video content, often ranging from six to 10 seconds, to tell an emotionally engaging story as part of your marketing campaign. By capturing an audience’s interest—and their hearts—you can garner positive interest in your company’s message. Snippet storytelling can be a creative challenge, but working with an experienced video production company can help you pare down your marketing goals and messages to get the most bang for your buck using only a few seconds of video content.

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of visual marketing techniques for your Tucson business? Film Creations is here to help! We offer extensive experience in online video creation and editing, including 3D animation and motion graphics. You can contact us online or reach us by phone at (520) 624-4444 or (888) 877-2490.