Making Video Content Your Customers Will Want to Share

Various online platforms rake in billions of video views every single day. That’s a huge market for your business to tap into. But before you rush off to the video production studio, you need to plan a strategy for making your video content into a shareable, viral sensation that will attract new customers and remind your current customers why they love your company. No idea how to get started? No problem! Just turn to a video production company with experience planning and producing videos for online platforms.

Put your best material first.

When was the last time you read a full article? Reached the end of a white paper? Or even bothered to click on a link in a newsletter? People have short attention spans. This doesn’t mean you can’t convince your customers to watch your entire video, but it does mean that you need to put your best foot forward. During the first few seconds, your video shouldn’t have any logos or company statements. Feature something that will instantly capture attention and trigger an emotion. For instance, if your company sells ice cream, you shouldn’t start your video by having a company rep talk about how your ice cream is only 100 calories per scoop. But you could show a close-up of an adorable little kid with ice cream all over his or her face, or a clip of a cute kitten or puppy desperately trying to get at a human’s ice cream cone.

Think like a purple cow.

Seth Godin, a widely recognized marketing genius, has pointed out that no one notices brown cows. They’re ordinary and expected. But a purple cow would definitely make you sit up and take notice. To make video content your customers can’t wait to share, you have to present something unusual. Remember that the connection between that purple cow and your actual product doesn’t have to be strong. It just has to capture attention and make viewers want to keep watching.


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