Making an Instructional DVD People Will Actually Watch

Instructional DVDs are a necessity for a number of different businesses and products, but they also have a reputation for being dry and boring. When you create an instructional DVD, is there anything you can do to make it one that people will actually want to watch and use to learn from? Good video production is key to making an instructional video, but what else makes this kind of DVD watchable and useful? Keep these tips in mind for your next instructional DVD.

Think About the Length

When you’re creating your instruction video, think about how the viewers will experience it. A long instructional video can feel overwhelming before it even begins, and people are likely to be tuned out before they even press play. Even if you have a large amount of material that needs to be covered on your DVD, split the information up into smaller, digestible chunks that are less intimidating for people to process. Keeping your segments to short videos that are less than seven minutes each will make it easier for people to stay tuned.

Script the Entire Video

No matter how well you know your subject, don’t jump in front of a camera without a precise script. Writing a script beforehand gives you an opportunity to clarify your points and make sure you are presenting them in a clear, concise way. Scripting the video will also help you group information together for different segments and make sure you are building on each lesson appropriately.

Create a Personal Connection

Although graphics have a place in instructional DVDs, your information will be more memorable if a large portion of the video features an instructor speaking directly into the camera. This helps you connect to the viewer and recreates a traditional learning experience that will feel familiar.

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