Looking at Some of the Top Commercials of 2015


118425957Excellent Tucson video production requires a few important elements such as individuality, connection, and memorability. If you want to see examples of these elements at play, you need not look further than the best commercials of 2015. Keep reading if you are interested in looking at some of the top commercials of 2015.


Geico: “Unskippable: Family Long Form 01”

Videos do not become the top commercials of the year without displaying the elements necessary to reel in an audience. One Geico advertisement shows a family sitting around a dinner table and uses humor to poke fun at the concept of advertising itself. One of the only lines of narration states, “You can’t skip this Geico ad, because it’s already over” in order to appeal to individuals who would rather skip past advertisements. This is a unique approach that makes the ad stand out from others.


Old Spice: “Dadsong”

Old Spice is known for its silly and memorable commercials, which is proof that such a campaign strategy can be effective. In their “Dadsong” advertisement, parents musically disagree over their emotions regarding their children growing up; while mothers attempt to keep their sons close, fathers praise Old Spice for making “a man of our boy”. The ad is amusing, memorable, and engaging.


Gatorade: “Made In NY”

Another successful approach to advertising is the appeal to emotion, which is used in a Gatorade advertisement that features famous New York Yankee Derek Jeter walking through the streets of New York. This video attempts to establish a connection between the viewer and the product by highlighting an icon that many New York viewers can identify with. Through this connection you might feel as though you support New York when you drink Gatorade.


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