Key Considerations When Shooting a Commercial for Your Small Business

Today’s television audience is increasingly fragmented, as viewers can now choose from dozens of networks and programming options. This trend has helped lower the costs associated with purchasing airtime, which makes commercials more affordable for small businesses. In addition, advances in video technology and equipment have enabled small businesses to create high-quality, local commercials.



In planning a commercial, you need to consider your target audience as well as your target intent in airing the commercial. Your commercial should explain your products or services to viewers, but in a tone that appeals to your customers. Before you begin, consider how you would like the finished product to look. This visualization target will help you ensure you create a finished product that matches your business image and appeals to your target customers.   



Before you begin meeting with video production companies, establish a production budget. Your budget will help you prioritize where to spend your money, identifying areas where you need seek outside your expertise. In the same way that you would work with a real estate agent or lawyer in closing a real estate deal, you should prioritize working with a video production company for filming a professional commercial.



Pre-production entails the script, story board, locations, talent, and technical planning. Essentially, pre-production refers to all planning until the moment you begin shooting. Unless you already have experience in television production, it’s recommended that you allow a professional production company to handle these tasks. Utilizing outside help for direction, shooting, and writing the script for your commercial allows you to focus on the non-technical aspects of production. During the shoot, the professional cameraman and director will handle operations, but you should be prepared to provide general production assistance.    


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