It’s Time to Start Thinking About Your Holiday Video Marketing Campaign

For a typical American, October is too early to be thinking about winter holidays. But marketers and entrepreneurs live by a different calendar, and this is a prime time of year to begin planning the holiday ad campaign. Videos are a particularly ideal format for holiday marketing, given the versatility of imagery combined with sound.

Showcase your company’s philanthropic endeavors.

It’s no secret that consumers do quite a lot of spending during the holiday season. However, it’s also the time of year when families are thinking about giving back to those less fortunate. Shoppers want to feel good about the brands they choose. Help them feel good about choosing your brand by showcasing how your company gives back to the community. If your company hasn’t done any significant philanthropic initiatives yet this year, don’t worry. You can use the holiday season as a springboard. For instance, a commercial for a retail store might tell consumers that 15% of every stuffed animal purchase will go toward endangered animal conservation efforts.

Embrace a soft sell approach.

Philanthropic initiatives aside, consumers also appreciate brands that appear authentic and genuine. You can use your holiday video campaign to enhance your brand’s kind, neighborly image. Share a story about how an employee went above and beyond the call of duty to assist someone. Show your company’s holiday traditions—the sillier, the better. The holidays are a great time to take a lighthearted, personable tone with your video campaign.

Use appropriate humor.

Humor can be very effective during the holidays if you tap into commonly shared experiences. Airport delays, ugly Christmas sweaters, and awkward family dinners with extended relatives are all experiences that most people can relate to. Look for ways to show how your brand can help individuals cope with the less joyous side of the holidays, but remember to keep your humor inclusive and light and not offensive.

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