Is Animation Right for Your Commercial?

When designing and filming a commercial, you can choose between live-action or animation. If you wish to have more creativity and whimsy, then an animated commercial may be the choice for you. Continue reading to see if animation is the right choice for your commercial.


You want greater creativity.

With professional animation, your marketing team can let their imagination run wild. Animated commercials can be as simple or as inventive as you wish. With animation, there are no physical limitations that would accompany a commercial with living actors or animals. Take this opportunity to develop a truly creative commercial that will help your company or product stand out. This animated commercial could give your company the boost it has always needed to succeed.


You want to create a memorable mascot.

Consider popular mascots that are well-known all over the world. The Geico Gecko, Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah, and Hamburger Helper’s Helping Hand are just a few memorable mascots that are all made from animations. These mascots are imaginative and bright in their movements and sayings, both traits that are achieved easiest with animation. If your company already has a mascot—or you wish to take this prime opportunity to create one—look at the many design capabilities that are open with animation. Your mascot could have new life with a couple clicks of a button.


You want to save time.

You may think that making an animated commercial will take too long. While animation can take several hours to create, voice, and edit, it is usually completed quicker than a live-action commercial. With live-action commercials, you can take an entire day or longer to shoot actors, pets, and still life. These variables can change in an instant, which could equal delayed filming and editing. Animation is done on a computer, using trusted programs, and can be completed in a much shorter time.


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