Incorporating Graphics into Your Commercial

Video commercials that air on television or are hosted on the web are excellent marketing tools that can increase the visibility and success of your business. Today, commercials may contain live-action video or motion graphics as part of their visual message. Learning how graphics can be used in your video content can improve the quality and efficacy of your commercial production for a video that will convey exactly the message you want.


Green Screen Locations

In video production, a green screen is used to “transport” an actor or other filmed object to a different location by replacing the green color of the screen with an image of your choosing. Using a green screen can add variety and depth to your commercial without increasing your budget by requiring you to travel and shoot video on location. The green screen method can also be used to place actors in front of secondary video footage or animations, such as imagery highlighting the product or service you are looking to sell.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated graphics created on a computer. These digital animations can play a small or a large part in your video, either enhancing live footage or replacing the need to hire actors and shoot your video altogether. Many successful marketing videos are comprised entirely of digital animations, using them as a backdrop or illustration for the audio information the commercial conveys. Alternatively, motion graphics can serve to illustrate scenarios or product uses during your video to demonstrate the applicability of the items you are highlighting.


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