How Web Videos Differ from TV Ads

Web videos and TV ads can both be powerful promotional tools for businesses, but only when companies accurately harness the power of both. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all video is created equal. Different forms of film work for different mediums, and web videos and TV ads are not interchangeable. Working with a film production company who understands the differences is essential for getting the most out of your advertising dollars. Here is a closer look at how these two formats differ.

Promotional Goals

The promotional goals of web advertising and TV ads are different. With web ads, you are usually trying to get people to do something else quickly, such as click a link to purchase or click a link to visit your site. With TV ads, you’re not asking people to take immediate action. Instead, TV ads are generally associated with building brand identity and awareness. You want people who see your television ads to think of your brand when they need something, whereas you want people to do something in the moment with web advertising.

Shot and Editing Styles

On the web, panoramic, wide shots are not effective, since they will get lost on the small screen. Web videos should be shot at medium or close range for maximum viewing potential. If you need wide shots, they should be brief. On television, close-up shots should only be used for effect, while wide shots can look striking on a bigger screen. Likewise, editing together quick shots can be effective for television but confusing on the smaller screens used for internet viewing.


Web advertising can sometimes be lengthy, but people are less inclined to watch a long ad than to click away, so getting your point out quickly is helpful. For television advertising, although your time window is limited, you often have a longer time to build your story and message.


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