How to Use Video for Event Marketing

When a large group of people come together for a singular purpose, they fuel each other’s energy and inspiration. It’s the excitement of this shared experience that keeps people coming back to an event year after year. But how can you attract new people to grow your event? One effective marketing solution is the creative use of video.

Choosing a Goal

Every promotional video should be conceived, developed, and shot with a single goal in mind. If you try to work toward multiple goals within the same video, you’ll confuse the message. Instead, keep your viewers excited by keeping the message simple. You may end up making multiple videos to market your event. Some of your goals may include the following:

  • Save the date: Encourage viewers to start planning to attend the event.
  • Speakers: It can be tough to get speakers to agree to appear at your event. Use a custom video to entice them. It should build excitement for the event by demonstrating what the speakers can expect and by giving testimonials from past speakers.
  • Engagement: Encourage engagement with your event by posting videos of the conference while it’s taking place. This will build the enthusiasm of attendees, and it may even encourage non-attendees to start planning ahead for next year’s event.

Setting the Tone

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the importance of building excitement and enthusiasm among event attendees. One effective way to inspire people is by demonstrating the positive ambience of the conference. You can do this by showing generous amounts of B-roll footage. B-roll footage is background footage. For example, it might show event goers chatting with each other, listening to speakers, participating in panel discussions, or doing event activities together. B-roll footage can help you craft an atmosphere of camaraderie.

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