How to Make Your Training Videos More Interesting

Nothing can turn off prospective employees quite like dull and outdated training videos. If it has been some time since your company has updated its training materials, or you want to break up the monotony of training sessions, enlisting a video production company is a great first step. A professional production company can help you make the right decisions to keep the attention of your employees as they take in valuable training information through your new videos. Using the following tips can help as well.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

While it can be more interesting and engaging to watch a video than read a manual, you want to make sure that there is still a hands-on element to learning. Create pause breaks in your videos for brainstorming sessions, live demonstrations, or other useful training exercises that will let everyone take their eyes off the screen for a few minutes.

Shorten Video Segments

People have short attention spans, so turning on a long video can prove to be ineffective if you want employees to take away important information during training sessions. With shorter videos interspersed with other learning tools, you can be sure that videos capture interest rather than become a source of dread for employees.

Utilize Humor

The right graphics and high-quality video will help keep attention, but these features can only go so far if the content is dry and uninteresting. Particularly if your video is covering dense subject matter, be sure to incorporate a dash of humor to be sure that people are paying attention.


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