How to Make a Memorable and Effective Commercial

When you consider how many commercials you see when you watch just an hour of television, it might feel overwhelming to think about how you can market your product or service in a memorable way. Most commercials are only 30 seconds long, so you need to make your message clear and easy to remember. You can probably think of a few commercials that have stuck with you over the years. What was it about them that made them so memorable? Read on to learn how to create a memorable and effective commercial.


There are so many businesses out there competing with you that it may seem difficult to make yours stand out. Humor has been shown to be a very effective marketing tool in commercials. After all, when something is funny, it encourages viewers to become actively engaged by waiting for the punchline—and those viewers are more likely to tell their friends about the commercial they just saw. On the other end of the spectrum, there are commercials that are memorable because they tug at the heartstrings and elicit emotions that would not be expected in just thirty seconds. Appealing to your viewers’ human side can make your commercial that much more effective.


Can you sing your favorite commercial jingles right off the top of your head, or recite a tagline from memory? Catchy jingles can become earworms, and getting your business or product stuck in someone’s head can put you at an advantage over your competitors. If your customer is choosing between two businesses, they are likely to pick the one that is more familiar and has more positive associations with it.

Iconic Characters

While you may be the spokesman for your business in real life, you could be better off with someone else representing your company on video. Your video production company can help you come up with a storyline with memorable characters so that there is something for viewers to look forward to.

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