How to Make a Commercial That Sticks with Customers

Advertisements are everywhere. They’re on bus benches, subway walls, and of course, TV. On a daily basis, the average consumer is flooded with so many advertisements that he or she becomes accustomed to tuning them out. So how can you make your commercial stand out from the rest and stick with your customers? Consider using the following tips and tricks.

The Use of Humor

The tone of a commercial is just as important as the content. Humor often works well to keep customers watching instead of changing the channel. Of course, humor won’t work for every business. A commercial for a funeral home, for instance, should never try to use humor. You should also be careful not to use humor that might be perceived as offensive to some. Consider your audience when developing a humorous commercial. What frustrates them? What are their pain points? Find a way to turn those issues into something funny. The end result could be that the audience will begin thinking about your product as the solution for those problems.

The Use of Heartfelt Messages

Some commercials fail to resonate with customers because they focus too much on the product. It seems counterintuitive not to focus on the product in a commercial, but often, the emotion attached to the product is more important than the item itself. As an example, consider an ad for a charitable organization. Commercial A gives the audience a breakdown of what their charitable contribution could do to improve a situation. Commercial B takes a more heartfelt approach by showing a hungry child, a homeless family, or a beached whale. It’s the emotional message that convinces people to open their wallets and make a donation, not a statistical breakdown of what a donation could accomplish.

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