How to Choose Music for Your Commercial

Shooting a commercial can be an exciting and fun project for any business. When you work with an experienced video production company on your commercial project, you will receive important assistance throughout the storyboarding, shooting, and editing process. The right music can help your commercial stand out in the mind of a customer. To help you prepare for your meeting with a film production crew, here is a look at some tips for choosing music for your commercial.

Consider the Prominence of the Music

Music can either take a back seat to other aspects of your commercial, or can be a driving feature throughout your commercial’s storyline. When you are choosing music for a commercial, you will need to decide on the prominence of your music throughout the script. If music will be a background note, you will want to make sure that it does not distract from your film’s other elements.

Evaluate Your Target Demographic

With the right music choices, you can help your commercial speak to your target demographic. Customers of a younger age may respond to musical selections that remind them of today’s hits. Older clients may prefer to hear songs that remind them of bygone eras.

Choose Your Preferred Mood

As you are choosing music for your commercial, you will need to think about the overall mood and tone of your video. An exciting, energetic commercial will pair nicely with contemporary music that has a driving beat. For an elegant and sophisticated commercial tone, you may want to choose subdued classical or instrumental music.

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