How Animated Graphics Can Elevate Your Video Content

Animated graphics, or motion graphics, is the combination of graphic design and movement. If your business isn’t using this technology yet, you could be lagging behind your competitors. Give your marketing efforts a boost with custom animated graphics. This type of video content is capable of fitting all brand personalities. It can also be very persuasive, memorable, and engaging for your target audience.

Educational Merit with a Greater Appeal

One of the most popular uses of animated graphics in the commercial sphere is explainer videos. Explainer videos consist of a short, catchy presentation of content that tells the story of the brand, explains what the product or service does, and leaves viewers excited to learn more or make a purchase. Today’s savvy consumers know when they’re being “sold,” and they don’t necessarily like it. That’s why brands need animated graphics—to appeal to customers and entertain them while also educating them about the merits of the brand’s products and services.

Visual Representation of Complex Facts and Figures

Sometimes, brands need to convey complex facts and figures to their customers. It’s certainly possible for a video to feature a company representative explaining statistics, charts, and graphics. But animated graphics offer an alternative. An animated video allows companies to visually represent this information in a way that’s easily digestible for consumers.

Supplementation of Existing Marketing Material

Another way that animated graphics can elevate your video content is by extending or supplementing your existing marketing material. You can instruct the video creation team to use your brand’s colors and logo, and to embody the brand personality. In this way, animated graphics can breathe life into other marketing materials, like brochures, websites, and eBooks.

When it’s time to elevate your business’ visual branding, you can turn to the digital video production team at Film Creations, Ltd. Based in Tucson, we offer cutting-edge digital solutions, including 3D animation and interactive motion graphics—all customized for your unique brand. Call (520) 624-4444 to get started.