How a Good Video Production Company Offers an Easy, Stress-Free Solution to Your Business

Videos, whether in the form of product marketing productions, commercials, or tools for company websites, are vital for drawing, capturing and converting visitors. The importance of online videos as content marketing vehicles was emphasized in a 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. One section of the survey gauged the percentage of marketers that utilized various means of content to attract customers. Over 90 percent answered that they preferred using video, either self-produced or produced by professional film companies, over white papers, case studies, price quotes, webinars, surveys, eBooks, etc.

Why Videos Work

There a several reasons why videos get results better than other marketing venues. First of all, videos provide a fast and in-depth means to communicate desired information to prospective customers. Let’s face it, people are in a hurry today and with so much information and business options available online, they will quickly turn to another source if your website doesn’t provide good content presented in a fast and easily digestible manner.

Besides the convenience factor, humans are also psychologically wired to receive information easier and more effectively through video production platforms. The eye-to-image connection better absorbs information and also makes that information easier to believe than merely reading it. Human voice is also a powerful influence since we tend to us it as a means of guidance and are influenced by the emotions projected through it. Movement and body language are also deeply ingrained within our psyche. People are readily attracted to movement and glean a great deal from projected body language. 

Making a Good Video

Many business owners who operate complementing websites often put off making videos because they believe the process is too time consuming, too expensive, or both. However, the delay in applying videos to your marketing plan can severely hinder your efforts, costing you a great deal of sales and contacts that would have been gained through the use of good video production services.

Of course, videos that get results do require the utilization of specific techniques that are designed to draw in and keep customers. Making a good video is much more than having someone stand in front of a camera and talk. Concise, effective scripts must be written, correct imagery and filming methods must be used, the proper markets need to be targeted and the proper SEO techniques must be implemented.

Make Life Easy and Get Results

The solution to overcoming the dread of creating and utilizing the effectiveness of videos in your marketing campaigns is to employ film companies that provide professional video production services such as Film Creations. Our business is the producing of top-quality and engaging videos for use as powerful additions to websites, independent marketing or training productions, or online commercials for products or services.

Furthermore, our expert Film Creations crew makes the entire process of creating captivating and motivating videos easy and stress free. The most involved part of the process is securing a well written script that presents all client points while effectively utilizing keywords for the highest SEO results possible. Even the video production process is painless as we utilize private YouTube links so that clients can review, make necessary changes and then approve videos. If you have budgeting concerns, we also provide advice to help you create videos that are most effective up front. Then, as your business and bank account grows, we can provide other videos to add to your marketing campaigns.

Take the suffering and drudgery out of video production by contacting Film Creations. Through our professional video production services, you can add powerful marketing, training or web videos, commercials and testimonials that are SEO savvy and draw search engine visitors, captivate them and convert them into active customers.