Have You Seen These Myths About Super Bowl Commercials?

Advertisers spend more money to advertise during the Super Bowl than they do during any other time of the year. If you want to take advantage of this peak advertising season, you may want to contact a video production company that has a location in your area. To help you get started on your advertising plans, here are some interesting myths about Super Bowl commercials.

Myth: Super Bowl commercials are overpriced

A common myth surrounding Super Bowl commercials is that these highly coveted spots are not worth their expensive prices. A brand could end up paying millions of dollars for a mere 30 seconds of airtime. However, with targeted marketing and high production values, a Super Bowl commercial could provide a great return on investment.

Myth: Super Bowl commercials should be kept secret until the big day

Many of the nation’s top brands wait for Super Bowl Sunday to release their latest game day ads. Others choose to leak their commercials before the actual Super Bowl festivities begin. If an early commercial release is part of a marketing campaign, it could be an effective strategy.

Myth: Only smaller brands need to create Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl advertising is important for brands of all calibers. Even large, internationally recognized brands choose to purchase commercial time for the big game. When you watch the Super Bowl, you are likely to see commercials from brands of all sizes.

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