Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

Videos are one of the best ways to captivate an audience—in fact, studies have found that individuals are more likely to click on videos while web browsing than they are to pursue text-based advertisements or messages. Video content offers a unique medium through which you can reach out to existing and new customers in a personalized way to convey your message quickly and effectively.


Keep Your Videos Short

While individuals are more likely to watch a video than read accompanying text, it’s still important to keep your video content short. When developing your video, identify the message you want to convey and stick to it in your content. In most cases, a 30-second video is just the right amount of time to reach your audience and convey your message without losing their interest.


Add Personality

Adding personality to your video gives your products and your business a more relatable human side. Including your employees in your video or styling your graphics to match your existing logo or slogan are effective ways to personalize your ad and help it stand out among other video content on the web.


Don’t Forget Distribution

Your video is only as effective as the number of people who are likely to see it. Once you’ve created your video, look for ways to expose your video content to a wider audience, such as posting it on your website, including it in your Twitter feed, or uploading it to a video service such as YouTube. The more opportunities there are to see your video, the wider its reach will be and the better the return you’ll get on your investment.


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