Guidelines for Effective TV Commercials

On average, Americans spend nearly three hours every day watching TV. This represents a tremendous marketing opportunity for businesses both small and large. If you’re thinking about making a TV commercial for your company, or if you’ve previously aired a TV commercial without getting good results, you need to know about the following strategies.


Tell a story.

What makes a TV commercial memorable? If you watch a few segments of commercials, you’ll probably see a few ads that promote sales and discounts. However, within a few hours, you’ll likely forget most of them. Instead, the commercials that stick with you long after you’ve seen them are often the ones that tell stories. As an example, consider the Modelo Especial commercials, which tell the stories of people who overcame the odds and achieved incredible things. When you’re developing your own commercial, think about how your brand positively affects people and communities. Are there any specific examples that you could highlight for your ad?


Develop a theme.

You may want to air more than one commercial. To make them all memorable, link them with a shared theme. One way to link multiple commercials is to use the same characters or brand mascots. Just think of the Geico gecko or Progressive’s Flo. Both of these are highly memorable figures that are featured prominently in many of the companies’ commercials. Another way to link multiple commercials is to use the same approach or format. As an example, consider USAA. Their commercials all depict military families who talk about their experiences with the insurance company.


Choose just one goal.

One common mistake is to try to use the same TV commercial to accomplish multiple goals. Instead, make your ad more memorable by focusing on just one goal. Do you want to announce a new product line? Raise brand awareness? Promote new service locations? Choose just one of them and focus on it. If you have more than one goal, you’ll need to make multiple commercials.

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