Filming a Commercial? Here’s What to Remember

Commercials are among the most impactful types of marketing tools. They are versatile, since they can be distributed via TV or the Web. And they engage customers by stimulating the senses visually and audibly. If your business doesn’t yet have a commercial, it’s time to talk to a video production expert.

Figure out the main goal of the commercial.

There are two main goals of commercials. The first is to enhance the image of the brand and raise brand awareness. The second is to encourage viewers to take action right away. For example, the commercial might urge viewers to visit a store this weekend for a sales event. It’s important that your company’s marketers and the video production company are on the same page regarding your overall goal.

Keep your audience in mind when writing the script.

Your commercial needs to be relatable to your target audience, and it needs to complement your brand’s overall identity and personality. As an example, humorous commercials do not work well for funeral homes, but they might work well for a sports gear store. If you feel that you don’t understand your target audience well enough, sit down with your marketing team to learn about the company’s buyer profiles.

Don’t forget about using B-roll footage.

B-roll footage is supplemental shots that you can use to support the main footage. B-roll footage helps keep the viewers engaged and interested by breaking up scenes and tying two different scenes together. For example, let’s say the main part of your commercial is the president of the company talking about its services. You probably wouldn’t want to show the president the entire time. While he or she is talking, you can use B-roll footage for visual interest, such as by showing the company’s offices or manufacturing facilities.

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