FAQs About Creating Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are often an important part of onboarding people to your team, but they aren’t usually everyone’s favorite things to watch. However, your training videos won’t achieve their intended goals if you don’t make them interesting enough to capture the attention of your team. Because the challenge of creating videos that meet these standards can seem overwhelming, people often have questions about the best way to make them. Here are the answers to some of the questions that arise most often.

How long should my corporate training video be?

You may have a lot of information to convey in your video, but it is usually better to keep training videos on the short side. Some research suggests that attention levels drop rapidly after just six minutes of watching a video. Because it is unlikely that you will be able to cover all of the content you want to cover in that amount of time, consider approaching your training videos as a series of short videos instead of a single presentation.

Do I need to hire actors?

Different businesses take different approaches to corporate training videos. Some find that having actual employees demonstrating tasks and talking about their roles is most effective. Others like having actors perform skits that then turn into lessons. The answer really depends on the way you want to present your information and how complex the information is. Your video production team can help you make the right decision.

How should I plan for shooting?

Before any shooting begins, you should have a storyboard and a script. If you work with a film production company, they can help you with this process. You should be familiar with the script and ensure you have any graphics that will be necessary for the video before the shooting process begins.

Corporate training videos are challenging to make, but Film Creations, Ltd. can help you make effective videos that get across your desired message. To discuss your project with our Tucson film production team, dial (520) 624-4444.