FAQs About Creating a Training Video for Your Employees

Training videos are a great way to get messaging across to employees. Videos are more engaging than lectures and combining your message with images can make it more memorable for your team. Videos that demonstrate specific tasks are especially informative and can become important tools in your training process. Here are the answers to questions employers often have about making training videos.


Is video a cost-effective way of training employees?

Some employers shy away from creating training videos because they are worried about the costs. In reality, a professional video production company can make your video for much less than you may think and can work within the budget constraints you provide. Once the video is made, you can use it over and over again for training purposes, allowing you to maximize your investment. Having a training video also means that you’ll be able to spend the time you would have spent on training doing something else for your business, which is a more efficient use of your resources.


What are some advantages of video over traditional training?

Training videos can allow you to convey information faster and with more clarity than you can during in-person sessions, because you’ll have time to consider exactly what you want to say and present it without interruptions. Videos also ensure that all employees receive exactly the same training and that no part of the training process falls through the cracks.


What do I need to make a training video?

At a minimum, you will need an idea for a video that your production team can help you form into a script. If you are demonstrating how to perform certain tasks, you will need any necessary supplies. Your video production team can come to your workplace or set up a shoot in a studio.


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